Are "People Problems" Pulling Your Organization Apart?

Here's the Speaker That Brings People Together

Spending more time putting out fires,
than meeting your goals?

Janelle Brittain, MBA, CSP brings Dynamic Performance to your team in her Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars, Retreats or Executive Coaching. She addresses these challenges with an animated and interactive style.

Bring Janelle in to address any of the following issues with your group:

  • Management/Leadership:
    Leadership Communication Skills an Issue?
    Want Leaders to be Better Change Agents?
    Performance Reviews a Pain and Nonproductive?
    Want Realistic and Strategic Leadership Thinking?
    Need to Run Your Business so You Can Leave It In Style?

  • Communications:
    Poor Communications Causing People Problems?
  • Boards:
    Need to Build Board Cohesion Quickly? 
    Is your Board of Directors a Collaborative Team or Conflicting Cliques?
  • Global:
    Need to Develop Exceptional Global Teams?
  • Handling the “Tuff Stuff”:
    Are Conflicts Causing Divisiveness and Low Morale?
    People Need to have Exceptional Thinking Under Pressure?
    Is Handling Difficult Customers a Challenge?
    Managers Struggling with the “Tuff Stuff” of Leadership?
    Want to Manage Change without Maalox®?
  • Growth issues:
    Growth Making your Business feel Out of Control?
    Have Post Merger Blues?
  • Teams:
    Need to Increase Team or Leadership Collaboration?

Click on the Videos below
to see Janelle
in action


For more information about Janelle Brittain's
keynotes, seminars, and products, contact:

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Chicago, Illinois 60645 USA
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